KILLtober Short Story

It’s Not The Snow Day I Wanted – KILLtober Short Story

His hand blindly feel around the cold earth beneath him until finally he feels the rock in his hand, and tightens his grip around it. Mustering up all the energy he can to throw it towards the outskirts of the small clearing he finds himself trapped in. The rock thuds to the ground several feet away from him, and he lets out a stifled groan of aggravation. Minutes pass before he ever so slowly brings his head up from cold wet ground, and looks down towards where it was a few moments ago. The red glistens on the bright white, and he fees what’s left of his stomach churn.

He allows his head to drop back to the ground and stares up in the sky as fresh snow gently drifts down from the heavens above. He allows a smile to escape his clutches as the beauty of the moment take him in its grip, and transports him to another place, one free from all the deludes of time and space. He sucks in a breath and finds himself once more in the snow, his body almost a foreign object to him now. The pain that initially encapsulated his every being now none existent, but with that so is the feeling of completeness. He can no longer feel the aches and pains of time that have been a part of his life for what seems like forever. The pain that was once in his hips that caused him constant distress now no longer a worry. His right foot that always ached right before a storm would hit because he broke it three times when he was seventeen.

Suddenly something pulls him along the ground, taking him through the snow towards some unknown destination. Every now and then whatever is dragging him stops it’s long journey towards where it’s final destination is, and he can feel a tingling sensation from somewhere below his belt. Then he’s torn to the left and then to the right, before being violently shaken like a rag doll, but there is no pain involved. After what his mind perceives as hours, he lifts his head wearily and spies the bloody face of his attacker. They lock eyes for a moment, but in that moment a thousand words pass back and forth between the two.

“P-P-P-Please,” he asks softly, it turns its head to the side and studies his face, then slowly edges its way towards his face. “P-P-P-Please,” he says once more. It stares silently at him, then bears its teeth letting out a low primeval growl from its stomach. It spreads its jaw wide and bites down upon his neck, and drags his half eaten remains towards a dark cave that’s opens out into the snowy countryside.

Tears rush down his pale face, as he fights for every breath. It’s as they get a few feet from the caves entrance that his glassy, almost empty eyes catch sight of the small figures moving out into the white snow and realises what the beast truly has in store for him.

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