KILLtober Short Story

When A Small Town Goes To War With Itself – KILLtober Short Story

“From the moment that son-of-a-bitch set foot in this town, he’s brought nothing but trouble. It’s vita that we choose the only foreseeable choice, not a choice for ourselves, but a choice for the very existence of the town itself!” Wendy proclaims loudly as she jumps to her feet, the small crowd cheer in agreement, all except Kylie who claps her hands loudly in sarcastic fashion.

“This isn’t reality television honey, this is unadulterated reality where you can’t pick and choose who stays. I know when the cameras were running you were queen, but they went as soon as the ratings did. It wasn’t any one persons fault, it’s just that no one cared enough.”

Wendy rolls her eyes and feigns sticking her fingers down her throat, the room erupts with laughter. “Your opinion is about as attractive as your overgrown bush,” Wendy says with a wry smile upon her face, causing the laughter to grow louder, wolf whistles break out in random union throughout the room.

Kylie’s cheeks glow red, and her brow furrows with focus. “At least I’m not fake, because no matter how much you dress up shit, it’s still shit!”

“Ouch, did I hurt your feelings? It’s the truth that cuts the deepest,” Wendy says with a patronising smile. “Jimmy was never popular, when the so called movers and shakers decided to move him into a more focal character, and show less of MY story was when the show began to falter. Jimmy is the only reason why we’ve been cast aside, extraditing him out of the community is our only option. Once we’ve got the town back on track, and the executives have seen our live feeds,” she sassy flashing a smile towards one of the cameras. “They’ll be back, and so will the world.”

“You’re delusional, the world didn’t stop watching because the shows focus changed, they stopped watching because the town was FUCKING boring. Jimmy was a calculated attempted by the executives to drag people back, and they didn’t want to come, because we SUCKED!”

“Maybe you’re right, if you’re only talking about yourself,” Wendy says as the crowd parts and she sashays her way over to Kylie like she’s walking down the catwalk of a Paris fashion show, she then looks Kylie up and down as she circles her like a shark before finally coming it a stop which ends in a Madonna like pose. “Honey you need more work than trimming that overgrown cootchie, but we can still make you a star. You see honey know I don’t suck, and I know that most of the people in this room don’t either, but you know who does?”

“Jimmy,” Kylie says softly under her breath.

Wendy smiles, “Jimmy is the right answer,” she says as she turns towards one of the cameras. “The tribe has spoken and the vote is unanimous Jimmy, you are the chink in the chain. You Jimmy, are the lowest of the low. The weakest of the weakest.” She says pointing a well manicured finger at Jimmy, who hangs wide eyes and hogtied from the old hangman’s tree that the old swinging judges sentenced many a life to death upon.

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