KILLtober Short Story

To Kill That Which Made You – KILLtober Short Story

The blade slices into Jeremy’s stomach and rips upwards, tearing him apart. Lucas clenches his teeth together, thrusting out of verecourao breath as he is bathed in Jeremy’s blood. He twists his upper half quickly as Roxanne charges towards him. Like a casino dealer the tiny blades spring from his hands, permanently stalling her attack. He digs his left foot into the ground and tightens his grip on the blades handle, as he turns back to defend himself against Glover’s attack. The blades exploded with electricity as they collide. As they stand evenly matched both men let out a growl of ferocity as they stare deathly into each others eyes.

“The student is now the master old man, I hope you’ve made peace with whatever the fuck someone like you holds dear!”

Glover smiles beneath his mask, “You have always been premature with everything you do, like your old man when he came over you mothers lap, you were just lucky one of those impossible moments became a possible miracle.”

“FUCK YOU!” Lucas screams as he draws back and drives his blade down hard upon Glover’s sword, shattering it.

They stare for a few timeless moments before Lucas smiles wryly, then slices the edge swiftly across Glover’s throat. He falls to his knees desperately gasping for air as his lungs quickly fill up with blood.

Lucas draws back his blade, preparing for the kill blow. “Remember how I told you one day I would take your miserable life? Today’s the day!” He yells as he brings the blade down, only his strike to be deflected by the blade of another. His eyes quickly shoot up to meet those of his new adversity.

“Y-Y-You!” He stammers through trembling lips.”H-H-How can this be? I-I, we killed you!”

“A man can be killed by another, a legend lives forever. I stopped being long before I was, and you could never take what was to be,” he says as he thrusts Lucas back and places a hand upon Glover’s shoulder. The two share a moment, touching on another plain of reality. Lucas screams with torment as he drives his blade down once more, only to find his attack refused once more.

“Like an flea to the dog, your existence depends on others to give you life. Without, you are but a shadow, and like all shadows once the light is shone upon you, you cease to be. Let me be the light!” He hisses through clenched teeth, driving strike after strike down upon his impossible blade. Moments quickly turn into minutes as Lucas continues his futile attack, until finally he stands exhausted before them.

“The sword of the believer is much more powerful than that of those who only believe in themselves,” Glover says as he stands whole once more before Lucas, the stranger no longer anywhere to be seen. Glover hold out his hand, “Give me your blade, show mercy upon what you once worshiped and allow your tomorrow to be something worth striving for.”

They stare into each other’s eyes, before Lucas drops to his knees and hands his blade over to Glover’s waiting hands.

“I don’t ask for forgiveness, all I ask if f…” he doesn’t get to finish his words as the blade from his own sword is driven into his skull.

“Forgiveness is for the next life to decide!”

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