A Second To Rethink A Drink – KILLtober Short Story

He holds the vial tightly with one hand, and pulls himself up over the ledge until after what seems like an eternity he lies exhausted on the ground.

“Such a right shame mate,” Stew says with a grin upon his face as he kneels down beside him, driving a knee into Barry’s chest pinning him to the ground. “Give it up, or I’ll do worse to you than I did the little mongrel,” he says gesturing towards Patty’s lifeless corpse, his dead eyes staring hopelessly toward Barry.

“Fair go, can’t we make some sort of deal?”

“You fellas had your chance to make things work right at the beginning of this little venture, but you couldn’t keep your dicks in your pants long enough go think of what would happen if you could keep your dicks hard. So tell me cobba, why the fuck would I even consider cracking a deal? You think I’m totally balmy or what Barry?”

“Not on your fucking life Stew, I swear. You’ve known me for donkeys,I’m just a follower, Patty was the brains. I just did what he told me to, but now he’s gone I got no beef with you,” he says as he hold the vial up. “Take it and call is even.”

Stew looks at the vial and allows a moment to was over him, giving Barry all the time in the world to grab him by the nuts with his free hand. Stew jumps, yelping in surprise. As he’s airborne Barry shifts himself to the left, and sweeps his right leg up wrapping it around Stew’s throat locking in a modified cross face.

“Should’ve taken the offer!” Barry hisses as he squeezes and twists, snapping Stew’s neck. Both collapse to the ground.

“F-F-Fuck yo-yo-you!” Stew stutters.

“Fuck my dingo! How the shit are you still kicking?” Barry says as he scrambles quickly to his feet and stomps on Stew’s head until it’s a mess of blood, bone and hair.

“Right fuck tard, that should shut you the fuck up,” he says as he staggers backwards excused. He hold the vial up high above his head and examines the dirty brown liquid. “Shit,” he says out loud to himself as he pulls the vials lid free and downs all of the liquid. He screws up his face in disgust, then empties the contents of his stomach on the ground before him. He wipes his mouth with the sleeve of his jacket and takes a sniff of the vials open and empties whatever was left in his stomach.

“Fucking god damn shit, that’s what it is,” he mumbles to himself.

“You don’t know the half of it,” a voice says for behind, he turns nervously to face a very much alive Patty.

“What the fucks going on mate, I saw you dead for all the money in the world. How the shit storm are you standing here?”

Patty nods towards the vial he holds in his hand.

“No way!”

“True as fuck mate, the ancient text were dead on the money,” Patty says with a broad smile across his face.

“Fuck me alive,” Barry says with a nervous smile that quickly disappears. “Wait a sec, if you drank this shit, then what shit did I drink?”

“My shit mate, my shit,” Patty says with an even broader grin, as Barry vomits once more.


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