Don’t Make Me Like A Record – KILLtober Short Story

He falls to the ground flat on his face, the first thing he can taste when he swallows is the blood that flows across his face from his nose.

“SHIT!” He hisses through clenched teeth as he struggles to his hands and knees before emptying the contents of his stomach.

“Ya right Jimmy boy?” Willis asks mockingly, which he immediately follows with a sarcastic laugh.

“F-F-Fuck, FUCK YOU WILLIS!” He yells as he rolls over onto his back, only realising all too late once the smell hits his nostrils that he has rolled into his own vomit.

Willis laughter louder, slapping his knees with excitement. “I used to think you were just another funny little cunt, but today you moved up the chain Jimmy. Because you’re not only a funny little cunt, but you’re also a dirty little one as well,” he says smiling wildly, showcasing a mouthful of gold capped teeth.

“Y-Y-You d-d-d-don’t understand that thing, it’s impossible.”

“Nothing impossible, it’s only a state of mind. If you let yourself believe it, then it will be. If you be all me negative, then fuck boy, negative is what you will be.”

“What the fuck, you somehow think you’re some sort of Mister Miyagi now?” Jimmy says as he finally gets to his feet, stabilising himself against the wall.

“Boy, I’m not karate kid wanna be, I’m the real fucking deal! You’re about to see the shiza hit the niza upside your fazia!” Willis says as he tightens his hands into fists and flexes his biceps, kissing them playfully. “What you gonna pay to see me whip that mother-fucker into being my bitch?” He says giving Jimmy a wry smile.

“You ain’t making anything or anyone your bitch, especially that monstrosity. So why don’t you just stand the fuck down before you make yourself look like a fool.”

Willis’ face screws up as he breaks into a sudden dance, spinning on the spot and then rolling his arms as if running a ball from arm to arm. He then breaks out in a high powered run on the spot that end with him flipping himself into the air and landing on his feet in a joyous pose. “Damn my man, I am a god, and this bitch will be mine!” He yells proudly.

“You are one twisted son of a gun, you say I’m crazy but mate you are more on the fringe than I am.”

“I never said you were crazy boy, I said you were a cunt!”

“Same difference,” Jimmy says back quickly.

“Bro, they are so far apart from being the same thing.”

“Who cares, just go do it, and stop stalking.”

“Ain’t nobody stalling, I’m building tension,” Willis says as he cracks his fingers.

“There’s no tension building here, so why don’t you just get in there and show me how it’s done.”

“Watch and learn,” Willis says as he awkwardly climbs onto the merry go round. “Now don’t go shoving this things around with no limp dick effort, you gotta give it all you got, so I can show you all I got! Got it, boy?”

“Just shut the fuck up and hold on!” Jimmy says as he grabs one of the handlebars and pulls it back.

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