Catching More Than The Suns Rays – KILLtober Short Story

It’s something to see everything you ever put into this world slowly fall away like melting cheese. I know that sounds like a bad analogy, but it’s exactly how it all looked from where I am sitting.

Life up until three hours ago wasn’t worth living, and then it happened.

I’ve always been a major drama queen when it comes to winning. Simply put, I’m no loser and if you even try and call me one you better watch out.

How does this connect to my whole life melting before my eyes, it doesn’t if I’m to be honest, but it does tell you how I wound up here watching it all come down alone.

Danny Kalfmsn, Steven Hutton and I were down at Jackson’s Damn trying time cool off on what had to be one of the hottest days so far this year when Shirley Carter and her girlfriend’s Peggy and Megan Saunders turned up looking to go for a quick dip. Peggy and Danny were almost going steady, and Steven was all over Megan like flies on a carcass, leaving Shirley and me to once again have an awkward conversation about nothing important.

We talked about the sun, the clouds, her brothers marijuana plants and how wet her pussy got every time she thought of me touching it.

I was gobsmacked, Shirley Fucking Carter was talking about me and her vagina in the same sentence. I stuttered an answer that made no sense, and then she asked if I wanted to touch it.

Words couldn’t escape my lips by that stage, do I did the only polite thing I could do and nodded my head. She grabbed my hand and slid it down her pants, it was warm, soft, and extremely wet. To be honest, I hadn’t had the pleasure of fondling many before, and I might had got a bit carried away because she started riding my arm and moaning loudly. I tried to pull my arm away several times, but she would let me. That’s when it all fell to shit, I should’ve know it would.

The car screeched to a powerful halt and Sheriff Carter jumped out, calling out for Shirley. He must’ve seen us the same time we saw him, because if he’d of seen us first I would be here right now. He screamed blue murder, pulling out his revolver. I ran, screaming for him not to shoot. I ran, screaming at him not to kill me. In my panic I somehow lost my footing and careered down the hill, cracking my head on the only rock that sat at the bottom of the hill, knocking myself out.

When I came to, the sky was red with fire and the earth was hot. I found out through social media that several blisters on the sun had exploded and the resulting destruction had followed. From what I had managed to read before the internet disappeared, the gigantic balls of fire were on a collision course with earth, and we didn’t need to worry about it hitting us as we would be baked well before it hit.

I thought of heading home. I thought of looking for Shirley and popping my cheery before the end, but she was long gone and besides, her dad scares the fuck out of me. So instead I’ve decided this spot here, where I caught my first piece of tail will be where I catch my last rays of the sun.

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