It’s A Putrid Way To Kill October – KILLtober Short Story

“I never meant for this to be what it turned out to be. I wanted it to be something wonderful, not this horrible ripe piece of shit it turned out to be. We,” he says pointing to to her and then back to himself. “WE were meant to be forever. But somewhere within this insanity of a shit storm you distances yourself, leaving me to fend for myself in this fucked up world.”

She stares at him silently, igniting his anger ten fold.

“HOW COLD CAN YOU BE?” He yells as he leaps to his feet and slaps her across the face. “Don’t you have anything to say? Don’t you want to defend yourself? Don’t you want to tell me why you betrayed everything you promised me?”

Silently she stares towards the ground, her eyes empty of any emotion. He grabs her by the fave and pulls her gaze to meet his.

“TELL ME WHAT I MUST DO!” He screams into her face, saliva spraying from his mouth. “CAN’T YOU GIVE ME RELEASE FROM THIS HELL YOU HAVE SUBJECTED ME TO!” He yells shaking her violently, only to once more receive no response. He collapse back into his chair, tears running down his face as he sobs like a new born baby.

“You know why,” she whispers in his ear. “You sit on your throne of judgment and cast your pathetic decisions upon those who do not fit into your self delusional cookie cutter shape. I never cast you aside. I never promised you anything. It was YOU who took from me the most important aspect of who I was, yet you stand here before me casting your insane accusations as if I was the one at fault. You’re pathetic,” she hisses at him. He looks up at her with hate filled eyes, slapping her across the face once more.

“HOW DARE YOU!” He cries as he leaps to his feet once more. “I LOVED YOU!”

She laughs softly “How dare I!” She hisses. “HOW DARE YOU! Look at what your so called love has done to me. Look at me with eyes open!”

He looks down upon her rotting naked ripe corpse and draws in the stench of her decaying flesh, as he closes his eyes he grips his hardening penis and slowly strokes it.

“You took everything from me, was it not enough? Now you defile my remains with your pathetic thing!”

He smiles as he sticks his fingers into a rotting gash in the side of her skull. After a few moments he pulls them out and sticks his fingers in his mouth, sucking them like they’re an icy pole. His stroking fastens and his bottom lip begins to tremble, saliva dripping from his mouth. “I have far more things to do to you, before I am through.” he says as his smile broadens and then he thrusts his hard penis into the hole and starts fucking her skull, while her dead eyes stare blankly off into space.

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