Shades Of Another Page – Microfiction Short Story

Shades Of Another Page

Edward uneasily swallows the saliva that had gradually started to pool in the back of his throat. His eyes stare upward, following the lights journey as it touches each number one after the other, slowly growing closer to his.

The sweat beads on his forehead, as his grip tightens on the handle of the briefcase that he holds numbingly in his hand.

The doorway before him vibrates from somewhere beyond the other side, followed seconds later by his number glowing brightly.

He lets out a stuttered sigh of relief as the doors open, only to suck it back in as he stares into his own eyes.

For several long moments they silently stare at each other, until the elevator once again signals its intent, and begins closing its doors. From inside its carriage Edward places a hand on the door, and it reopens.

“We can’t miss this one. Time is of the essence, now more than ever.”

“Bu-But the fabric of time ha…”

“The fabric of time may be wounded by the sharp blade of man, but it never stops, it always continues forward.”

“C-Can we?”

“Can we what?”

“Can we stand in there, together?”

He smiles, “We already are in here together.” he says as they both stand inside the elevator, staring out into the now empty hallway.

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