Retread The Path – Microfiction Short Story

Retread The Path

“That’s not mine,” Peter says desperately as he looks around the room in abject horror, pointing nervously towards the bloody knife that Ramon holds on display.

“Then why we’re you holding onto it so tightly when you were discovered in your hidey-hole?”

“B-Because I was FUCKING scared man, a-a-and I needed to defend myself.”

“From who?” Ramon asks with eyebrows raised and eyes wide.

Peter looks around the room once more and loosens his collar, while a sea of sweat cascade down over him. “S-S-Sinatra, t-the dirty b-bastard wanted m-me dead, b-but I wasn’t g-gonna go quietly, n-not while I had s-some fight l-left in me.”

“Is that how Deborah ended up on the wrong end of the knifes blade?”

“I-I-I, I didn’t see her until it w-was too l-late, s-s-she wasn’t s-supposed t-to be there. I-I, I told her to r-run, and t-to keep o-on running u-until sh-she couldn’t run anymore. I-I, I told her to run,” he says as he looks up at Ramon while tears spill from his eyes.”I-I, I never meant to hurt her, I-I thought she was g-gone.”


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