Sunshine On The Doorways – FFFC Microfiction Short Story

The story below is my version of Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge, which this week is based upon the photo above from,


Sunshine On The Doorways

He turns back to Samantha and widens his eyes with overzealous enthusiasm, before gesturing back towards the doorways.

“Don’t you think it’s strange?” he says once more, this time with a sharp twist of dramatics, to elevate the unusual overtones of the grassy field before them.

“I said I did, what more do you want me to say?”

“Something with a little more pizazz.”

“Why?” she says with her frustrations obvious. “I can see the same thing you see, and I know it seems weird, unusual even, b…”

“THE FUCK?” he says loudly as he interrupts her. “Are you seriously going to tell me a field full of door is it bat-shit crazy? Are you going to say shit like this happens every god-damn day? Because if you are, I’m going to stop you RIGHT NOW!” he bellows as he thrusts a foot firmly into the dirt beneath his feet, looks down with a snarl across his lips and then back up into her emotionless eyes. “THERE! MY FOOT IS DOWN!” he screams.

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