Grand Dreams In Neon Cathedrals – Microfiction Short Story

Grand Dreams In Neon Cathedrals 

The sweat drips down across his brow, runs along the bridge of his nose and coils itself at its tip. He sucks in a nervous breath as the others continue to dance around the room painted in a jaded colour pallet reminiscent of several eighties music film clips, while they move in your stock-standard slow motion. She smiles at him broadly, titling her head to the side in a semi-dramatic fashion.

“W-W-Why do y-you stare at me s-so?”

“Because I have nothing else to do silly sausage,” she purrs proudly, licking her lips with her tongue.

“W-W-Who a-are y-you?”

Her eyes widen as she straights her head, then tilts it to the other side. “Don’t you know me?”

He shakes his head vigorously, as his eyes well up with tears.

Her smile disappears, and she frowns. “Are you sure?”

“I-I-I, I know e-everyone here, a-all of t-then, b-but I don’t know y-you!” he stammers.

She looks around the room with protecting eyes, the smiles wryly before pointing to a dancing couple. “Who’s that one?” she asks in a high-pitched cry.

“D-Des and Susie, I-I-I, I w-went to s-school w-with D-Des, and S-Susie w-was my f-first girlfriend.”

Her smiles broadens. “Those two!” she calls pointing towards another two.

“G-Grant and E-Emily, E-Emily w-was the first girl I kissed a-and Grant w-worked at McBurley’s w-with m-me and Dalton.”

“The floosies at the bar with the drunk!”

“R-Russ, a-and his s-sisters S-Sonya, Katie a-and R-Rachel, t-the Dill-Waith t-triplets. I-I-I, I u-used to party wi-with Russ all t-the time w-when I was In c-college.”

She stares at him intensely, as her smile slowly reappears across her lips. “Why does it trouble you so that I am here?”

He swallows desperately, as he looks around the room and is met by each set of eyes staring back at him, until he finally comes back to hers. “B-B-Because I d-don’t know y-you.”

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