Candy Apple Surprise – Microfiction Short Story

Candy Apple Surprise

“Is this what you wanted me to do?” she purrs as she slowly unbuttons her pink bloodstained sweater, letting it fall from her shoulders to the ground below her, flashing a cheeky smile as she does. He quickly nods his head in nervous agreement, which only makes her smile broadens as she pushes him up against the dirty alleyway wall, and thrusts a high heel boot next to his head, as she displays her able agility to him proudly.

“How long has it been liver boy?” she purrs seductively, caressing the underneath of his chin with the funky manicured tip of her finger.

“T-T-Too long,” he stammers, as he wets his dry lips with his tongue.

She grabs his hardness through his jeans tightly and he lets out a muffled groan, while she feels the fabric beneath her grip grow wet while his cock quickly softens.

“I can see that now, you pathetic waste of oxygen,” she snarls as she squeezes his now limpid penis with a renewed gusto, causing him to scream in pain as he tries to fight his way free, only to have her other hand grip him by the throat, and drive him back against the wall.

“W-W-W-WHAT T-T-THE FUCK!” he desperately cries, as tears stream from his eyes.

“If you have to ask, I’ll need to tune my game up a notch or two,” she growls as she tears her hand away from his grow, dragging him with her.

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