Until Death Or Beyond – Microfiction Short Story

Until Death Or Beyond

Javier places a hand on his chest and swallows deeply, before smiling awkwardly as he looks into Fiona’s pale blue eyes.

“It was raining, and not a light sprinkle but more of torrential downpour. By the time you came on the scene in your ninety-seven Mazda I’d gotten soaked to the bone, I don’t think you even saw me at first, but I must’ve been partially visible in your rear-view mirror because you stopped and honked your horn. I must’ve looked awful, a far cry from my Milan catwalk day,” he says with a nervous laugh while she still stares on with wide eyed wonder. He clears his throat once more and runs a trembling hand through the week old growth that litters his chin.

“We drov…”

“STOP IT!” she interrupts loudly, as she thrust herself to her feet and glares down at him with panicked horror. “PAUL IS DEAD AND BURIED, AND IT WAS PROVEN IN A COURT OF LAW THAT I WAS INNOCENT OF ANY WRONG DOINGS, SO WHATEVER GAME YOU’RE PLAYING IS A WASTE OF TIME. NOW GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOME BEFORE I CALL THE POLICE!” she bellows as she points sternly towards the doorway.

He smiles awkwardly once more, “Please Fiona, I swear it’s really me. I-I-I,” he taps his chest several more times and looks at her with desperate eyes. “This, this body is nothing more than a vessel, a suit for me to wear so we can be together again.”

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