To Destiny Inside The Noose Of Fate – Microfiction Short Story

To Destiny Inside The Noose Of Fate

Turner tosses the rope to the young man’s feet and snarls like a skin suit possessed by some type of wild animal stuck in a corner. “Who the FUCK taught you to tie knots BOY?” he snorts loudly before spitting a wad of saliva to the ground and pointing an accusing finger at the rope while his face twists through a range of emotions.

The young man smiles smugly as he crosses his arm across his chest in a clear display of power. “You did, or have you forgotten me so soon?”

Turner’s face turns a whiter shade of pale, while his lower lip trembles uncontrollably for some seconds as he stares into the eyes of this man he claimed many times to himself was a stranger.

“Y-Y-You c-can’t be y-you! Y-Y-You c-can’t be!” he mumbles to himself in a panicked stupor.

The young man scoffs loudly as his smile broadens wickedly. “Why? Because you’ve already killed me once, and twice would be one too many times?”

“Y-Y-You did t-that all by-by y-yourself, I-I-I was just t-the one who p-pulled the t-trigger.” he says nervously as he stumbles through his words in chaotic fashion while at the same time tightly clenching his revolver in its holster. “Y-Y-You cut y-your OWN throat w-with all t-that br-bragging YOU did a-around town, a-all those lies YOU told! I-I just did y-you a f-favour, O-ONE I’LL GLADLY DO AGAIN!” he roars as he pulls his revolver free, only for it to turn to dust in his hands.

“Would that you could, but I control this game, NOT you,” he says as his eyes ignite into burning embers.


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