Flightless Nightlife – Microfiction Short Story

Flightless Nightlife

The bird squawked loudly once more as it studies Quill with curious eyes, finding the reds that drape over him wonderfully irresistible. It’s head foods as it’s eyes blink, then it squawks once again.

Quill looks to his left, then to his right before bring his drunken gaze back to the bird, sliding down the wall into a spread eagled heap at its base.

“W-W-What do y-you want now BIRD, haven’t you g-given me enough bad luck for one day?” he slurs through numb lips as his eyes dance in their sockets to a silent song.

The bird’s head tilts once more, and it’s eyes blink like shutters on a camera, before it twists all the way around and stares into Jimmy’s smug chops, while the guns he holds in front of him still smokes. The bird squawks twice more then launches itself into the air, just as Jimmy’s lips pucker up, and he pulls this trigger finger in again. The bullet thunders past the bird and into the wall beyond, while the raven drops its sings with purpose and thrusts itself at Jimmy as he pulls back the trigger once more.


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