A Faint Afterthought – Microfiction Short Story

A Faint Afterthought

A hand gently glides a sponge along the skin, washing water across the pale flesh as it passes, and as the sponge begins to drain the hand squeezes tightly around its fleshly body, then it is immersed in a the a sink full of warm water, and once again dragged over the body in ritualistic manner.

“So young,” the man hisses as he gently brushes the girls hair with a trembling hand. “B-But not too young,” he says with an obvious grin beneath his face mask.

A bell chimes from a room a few doors away, and his looks up at a monitor that hangs from the roof in the corner of the room which displays two women standing at a counter. He grunts with displeasure as he looks back down at the young girls motionless body, then back at to the monitor as the bell chimes again.

“Busy bodies,” he groans, as he places the sponge into the sink and strides toward the doorway as the bell chimes for a third time. “ALRIGHT!” he roars as he turns to flick the rooms light off, but as he casts a wayward glance back towards the cold concrete slab where the girls naked body lies his lower lip begins to tremble uncontrollably as he stares into her sad ghostly eyes.

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