Fanboy Hall Pass – Microfiction Short Story

Fanboy Hall Pass

The smile only broadens across his face, as he rolls his head over his neck. “You’re doing it again, running that lying trap of yours like there’s no tomorrow, why don’t you give it a rest and start telling me the FUCKING truth!” he scoffs smugly.

“I-I-I-I, I never li…”

“BULLSHIT!” he screams as he slaps her across the face with an open hand, sending her to the floor in a twisted heap, then thrusts a pointed finger at her with malice. “It was your FUCKING job to lie! You were FUCKING paid to lie to everyone and convince the masses that you’re exactly who you’re telling them you are, even though they know full well that you’re someone completely different from the person you’re making out you are. So don’t FUCKING tell me you never lied, because all these FUCKING awards you’ve won for lying say different!” he says as he gestures towards a small assembly of trophies that sit above her fireplace.

“P-P-P-Please S-S-Steven you’ve g-got…” he grabs her by the hair and pulls her her feet and drive a punch into her stomach, pressing his lips up to her ear. “And to think, you were my hall-FUCKING-pass!”

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