Voices Clarified – Microfiction Short Story

Voices Clarified

He squeezes his hand around what he can only presume is it’s throat, hoping to apply enough pressure to cut off the air supply to its lungs, thus then trapping it in a vicelike death grip. As his teeth clench tighter, spot spray from the gaps between them, and he feels a vessel inside his left eye explode. It’s at this point that he begins to cast wayward doubts upon the strength of not only his convictions, but also the strength that is held within the very fibre of his hands.

“What if it doesn’t need to breath?” a familiar voices asks somewhere within the many paths ways of his own brain. “What if this thing doesn’t need to breath, and all you’re doing is tightly squeezing a sexual organ, that could or could not coat you in a sea of alien cum?”

His mouth twitches, and his brow furrows, “IT BREATHES, FOR I HAVE SEEN IT!” he screams as he squeezes tighter, throwing all he can at the abnormal beast that tries to fight its way free.

“You never saw it breath, Phillips saw it, or so he said, and we both know Phillips doesn’t like you one little bit, in fact didn’t he swear to one day have his revenge on you for stealing Lisa away from him?”

His eyes open wide as he feels something sharp dig into his side, and then a sea of pain waged over him unlike anything he has felt before.

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