Desperately Seeking A Palate Cleanse – Microfiction Short Story

Desperately Seeking A Palate Cleanse

With an overly dramatic visage he dry heaves several times, loudly declaring for anyone who could not see that he was indeed possibly throwing up. His face quickly screws up as nothing finds it’s way out of his stomach, and he pokes out his tongue in a desperate bid to rid his mouth of the sour taste that currently festers within, but he finds it of no comfort or relief. With wide tear drenched eyes he looks around the room in a panic, while he drags his hands, one after the other, over his tongue in some crazy attempt to try and wipe the taste from his tongue.

“HELP ME!” he bellows as he finally locks eyes with the smug looking Claude.

“Helping you now would cheapen the lesson you’re currently learning, and I am anything but respectable of teaching lessons to those that may one day benefit from the afore mention lesson.”

“F-F-FUCK YOU AND YOUR LESSONS! HELP ME RID MY MOUTH OF THIS FOUL TASTE AND I’LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT ME TO DO!” he screams as he tears at his face with bear like fingers.

Claude’s smile takes on an even deeper sarcastic stance as it slide into a wicked grin. “Yet, there in lies the lesson, choose first not last, and demand less not more.”

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