Turn Your Scream Into A Whisper – Microfiction Short Story

Turn Your Scream Into A Whisper

“There’s no place to go BOY! Every avenue you could’ve utilised has been shut DOWN! Every opportunity you had to get gone has been taken AWAY! You’re STUCK like that inevitable piece of corn from six months ago that turns up in your SHIT!” Charlie snarls with a wicked grin as he launches into a wild cackle, then spits a wad of green mucus to the ground in front of him before drawn back another. “So why don’t you come out, and we’ll settle this once and for all, then you can go do whatever the FUCK it is you want, and I’ll go find myself someone new to fool around with, cause you’ve certainly lost your lustre kid.”

“H-H-How c-can I t-trust you?” a nervous voices stammers from out of the darkness.

“You can’t,” he snarls with a coyly raised eyebrow, as his eyes dart around the edges of the darkness before him.

“T-T-Then how c-can I k-know if y-you mean w-what you s-say?”

“By walking FUCKING out here and rolling the dice, or you can just sit there in you hidey-hole and FUCKING wait until I find you. But know this sonny, cause I’ll promise this part right here and now, if I have to come and find you, I’ll rip your BLOODY head off when I DO!”

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