Deep Height – Microfiction Short Story

Deep Height

“It’s up,” he says with a sly smile, as he nonchalantly casts a quick glance upwards towards the roof and then back to Shawn, winking as he does.

“Do you think this is some type of game?” Shawn asks, ensuring each word is said with its own distinct gravity, before thrusting a closed fist into the table top that separates them.

Patrick allows his eyes to draw back into their sockets, before quivering a smile across his lips and sighing loudly, more for dramatic flair than anything else. “I fully understand that THIS is not a game, but what I fail to understand is why YOU seem to think it is.”

Shawn’s cheeks burst with colour while his jaw gyrates with a nervous twitch, then a broad grin tears itself across his lips. “There is no need to be petty Patrick, life is one big game and we are both fully fledged adults who can assume some moral step above the precipice that is called our lives while digging the proverbial knife into the stomach of mankind.” he says as the blood runs from his cheeks once more and his brow furrows. “But this here, this thing happening between you and me, this is NO game! Now,” he snarls as he holds the bloody pliers up to the light once more. “Left or right?”

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