Tick Goes The Clock – Microfiction Short Story

Tick Goes The Clock

“While your question is vastly inappropriate for this time slot,” he says as he gives a nod and a cheeky wink to the camera, before turning his attention back to Sonya. “I find it difficult to give an accurate answer without losing my inner self. So I’ll choose the easiest route to the finish line and say it’s a very slight variation on the classic twist made popular by those in the know, and without a doubt my favourite manoeuvre, kill the children and then the adults. It’s overused I know, but nothing makes a parent more accessible and open than their kid getting killed before their eyes.” Mark says with eyebrows raised and a sly smirk drawn across his lips.

“Although I applaud and appreciate your rationale, a variation on the classic twist would mean it would need to be an actual variation, and if this so called variation is used regularly, it’s not what you would call a variation now is it?” Sonya says with a wicked grin as she brushes her hair away from her face and flutters her eyelids as she casts her gaze towards Derek. “Kill him and I’ll grant you four days.”

Mark’s face drains of all its blood as his lower lip trembles and he darts a desperate glance towards Derek, and then back to Sonya. “W-W-WHAT THE F-FUCK ARE YOU D-DOING!” he screams, only for Sonya’s smile to grow as she doesn’t remove her focus from Derek.

“Tick, tick goes the clock Mister Tomas, decide your fate, before fate decides you.”

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