A Choice New Fab – Microfiction Short Story

A Choice New Fab

As he tightens the helmets strap, he lets out a gasp of desperation, locking eyes with the smiling Melinda as he does.

“Why so worried pretty boy, you said this was one of your specialties. If you’re not so confident, talk and we will revisit the feats placed before you. Talk, and we will grant you a boon, or you can make another ridiculous manoeuvre in a long line of ridiculous manoeuvres, and see how you fare.” Melinda says with a sarcastic smile upon her well dressed face.

“I-I-I,” he stammers as he stops and sucks in a desperate breath of air, before adjusting the helmet and tightly screwing up his nose as he clenches his mouth shut. “Just do I,” he snarls as he locks his eyes forward and swallows.

She falls back into her throne like chair and laughs callously. “May you fare better than all those that have gone before you,” she says as she signals for his release, within seconds he is hurtling downwards towards the depths below.

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