Chances Lost And Flown – Microfiction Short Story

Chances Lost And Flown

As he drops to his knees with exhausted flair, the compass tables from his weakening grip, and tumbled to the earth below. He lets out an anguished cry as he fundings himself unmotivated and unable to manoeuvre himself into any form of retaliation.

As the compass hits the ground, the glass case exposes outwards, quickly followed by the arrow arm that was moments ago attached to the centre boss assembly.

He sucks in a breath, and stutters wildly, as it hits the earth again and again, bouncing it’s way away from him until it finally comes to a stop some feet away.

He stares at its remains with a horrified gaze, daring even not to breath. After what seems more like hours than minutes he reaches for it with a trembling hand, only to have it dissolve away before he can reach it.

“NO!” he bellows as his eyes widen with avid desperation, and the colour in his face quickly changes from a mustardy pink to a dull grey in seconds. His eyes buzz within their sockets as he slowly loos over to the grinning William, and repeats his panicked cry.

William’s grin widens, and laughs loudly. “OH YES MY FRIEND, OH YES INDEED!” he scoffs with animated flair.

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