Thrown Together – Microfiction Short Story

Thrown Together

“Pleasantries aside Rohan, you need to stop being such a foolish child and tell me what it is you require, for even though I am many things, I am not as gifted in the art of conversation like you, and my brain sadly cannot hold onto the vital remnants of that which is said by others for long periods of time. So be out with what you need to pass over, and let us collide forward in a collision of unison as we join as one modified persona, ridding the world of its insecurities together.”

“What the FUCK does collide forward in a collision of unison mean?”

Mohinder smiles nervously as he slaps his hands together. “Like that! A unison that binds ourselves as one, not only in mind, but in essence as well.”

“I-I, I used to think you were a bit weird, but now I KNOW you’re stark raving  MAD!“

“Mad? Why, because I believe we will be stronger together, than apart? Because I believe one, is grander than two?” Mohinder asks before he smiles broadly. “Let me show you my collider, then maybe you will think differ..”

“FUCK YOU! There is no way in hell I’m getting in something called a collider if it does…” his mouth trembles as his mind desperately tries to find the words he wants to us, but the longer he takes the less ground he makes, so he slaps his hands together in imitation of Mohinder. “If it does that!”


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