See The Sphere Shine – Microfiction Short Story

See The Sphere Shine

Joshua grins wickedly, “You heard me right, the fucking moon is exactly what I said.”

“B-B-But how t-the FUCK are y-you going to, you know,” he says nodding towards the sky. “H-How are you gonna do all that t-to something as b-big as the moon?” Sanford stammers nervously.

Joshua’s grin broadens as it takes a small silver sphere from his pocket and places it on the table between them. “I don’t have to do anything grand, when it is as small a coin.”

Sanford stares at the sphere with a wide-eyed expression while his mouth twitches erratically behind he casts his gaze back up to meet Joshua’s snugness. “B-B-Bullshit!”

“Why don’t you go look for yourself, and then  try telling me I’m lying.”

For several seconds Sanford holds his gaze before scrambling to his feet and rushes to the window, pressing his face against the glass. As he pulls his face away, he glances back at Joshua, and then into the sky once more.

“You’re not funny MOTHERFUCKER!“ he grunts.

“I wasn’t trying to be, for belief is half the job, the rest, the rest is all sleight of hand,” he says as he holds another sphere up for Sanford to see. The two share another silent stare, before he quickly pressed his face against the glass once again.

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