A Pot Fit For A Plant – Microfiction Short Story

A Pot Fit For A Plant

Silas slowly creeps over to Robbie’s side, and flexes his finger like an insect wiggling it’s legs then reaches gently for the bucket, before snatching it from Robbie’s hands.

“Children,” he hisses through clenched lips as he shakes his head in disappointment. “The sprout must be given life through love and nurture, not with violent assaults that leave it near death each and every time you touch it!” he growls then looks over to the withered plant and cups it’s fragile frame in his free hand. “Hush my little one, he knows not what he does.”

“P-Please,” Robbie stammers. “P-P-Please give me another c-chance, I-I-I promise I’ll d-do better this time!”

Silas looks down at him with a screwed up face, before he pulls the plant from the pot and tosses it across the yard, with a thud it hits the dry brick wall, and drops to the ground in a lifeless heap. Robbie’s eyes dart back from the plant and into Silas’s hate filled eyes.

“You will do better, or I will toss you to the side next time,” he hisses as he folds his arms across his chest and stands sternly over Robbie.

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