The Paternity Of A Paradox – Microfiction Short Story

The Paternity Of A Paradox

“Extinct as well I’m afraid,” Carl says with an uneasy smile as he refills Jefferson’s glass.

His eyes widen and his lips are shaken then stirred by a nervous twitch that run across them while the blood quickly exits his face.  “B-Bullshi..” he doesn’t get to finish his words as Carl strikes him across the face with a hearty slap that adds splashes of colours to his vision.

“I will NOT sit here and have you talk at me like some piece of FILTH! We are human beings, the top of the food chain, the ultimate survivor in perpetual form. Let us not sully these foothills with the tongues of savages long gone.”

Jefferson stares at him with hate filled eyes as he gently rubs his cheek while his tongue finds a freshly tapped river of red that has just opened to occupy itself with, darting in and stealing some of the liquid gold then quickly returning it to the source.

“We cannot all be so high and mighty like you cousin. But take heed and remember, the gutter is from where we all came, and the gutter is where we all eventually fall.”

“The gutters owe us nothing, as do I you. Now be gone, leave my site and return from whence you came before I remove you from the chain permanently.”

Jefferson smiles broadly. “Through what you done, and all you’ve told me of our connection, wouldn’t killing me also wipe you from existence?”

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