A Crime Of A Scene – Microfiction Short Story

A Crime Of A Scene

The floor hums with the vibrant energy that once coursed through Sammy’s being while the sea of reds touch grows grander with each passing moment.

Stewart crouches beyond the puddles reach and studies Sammy’s motionless form, then looks up at Karver with a raised eyebrow. “Splat!” he says sharply as the other eyebrow rises to meet the first. “I thought you had some big shot degree from the city?”

Karver smiles smugly, “Maybe I’m dumbing myself down for my audience.”

Stewart looks back at what’s left of Sammy. “You ain’t that clever.”

A sneer draws itself across Karver’s lips. “If I’m not that smart, why the FUCK did you ask me to come oversee the crime scene with you?” he snarls.

“You playing up to the audience now?” Stewart scoffs. “And to be correct, I never said you weren’t smart, I just said you ain’t that clever. I guess judging from your reaction I’m on the money and you know it,” he says as he slaps his hands together as he gets to his feet. “And the reason I called you here isn’t because I felt the need to, it’s because whoever did this asked me to,” he says as they both look to the ceiling above Sammy’s corpse where Kavar’s name is written in blood across it.

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