Less Than A Window – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

…..With panicked desperation he pulls the cable up, and like a baby being sighted for the first time by its mother, he lets himself part with an exhausted smile as he feverishly plugs the cable into the chassis manifold. It’s then that the foreign piece of material inside his mouth finds itself caught in the back of his throat, which causes him to dry reach. As he does, he stumbles backwards and hits the cage. For several silent moments he stands there disorientated, before he spits what turns out to be a piece of tooth, to the ground. His eyes grow wide with surprise and he shoves several fingers in his mouth, feeling around frantically at his back teeth, while she digs her teeth into his shoulder the same time. He screams in agony, as he fights himself free of her grip, and crashes to the floor in a bloody heap. He turns back to her with a fevered glare, as the blood quickly runs from his cheeks.

“W-W-What have you d-done?” he stammers as he gets to his feet and grips his shoulder gently, then hisses sharply with pain. “Y-Y-You’ve FUCKING k-k-killed me SUE!”…

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