Darkness And The Creep – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….With a shaking hand he reaches out slowly, hovering delicately a over her attempting to feel any kind of warmth emulating from her, only to find the twisted hand of winter to greet him. Quickly he pulls his hand away and sucks in a breath.

“C-C-Cate, h-h-honey a-are y-you okay?” he asks nervously, knowing the answer would not be the one he had hoped for.

His lungs scream at him with wild eyes, and bloodcurdling cries, desperately wanting him to expel and replenish the quickly decaying air that decomposes inside of them. Like a teenager holding in the inhaled smoke of a joint he lets out a grimace, and then a whine. But some long seconds later they are replaced by a desperate gasp as he releases the breath, then quickly attempts to capture another anew, only to have her move. He cuts the breath off part way through and sits there like a statue in the silence while she awkwardly raises herself to her hands and knees. Her head turns towards him slowly and she groans appropriately as her body is hit by a cascading wave of the jitters…..

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