A Tale To Tell – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“You treat this moment as if it were a game, and that nothing will be ill effected from anything that comes after it. But it’s not the way things play out, it’s something more than a game, and everything that follows will be different, although you won’t have to worry how fifteenth it will be, because you won’t be here to witness it.” Danika sways through a twisted grin that ropes itself over half of her face. Her tongue flicks out of her mouth like a beast’s tail, slapping itself across her lips before disappearing back in her mouth.

“Y-Y-You can’t s-seriously expect me t-to be scared? I-I know what Syler s-said, a-and I know y-you won’t c-cross him.”

“Really? Do YOU think HE pulls my strings?” she says as her head rolls to the left and rests upon her shoulder, her wide eyes mocking him with their thrusting gaze.

“Y-Y-YES! O-Of course I-I do, s-s-so STOP trying t-to f-frighten me,” he stammers.

Her smile widens and her eyes rolls back into her skull, “Then you are more foolish than he said you were to be….

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