The Slugger Conundrum – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“The bridge between what we all want, and what we all get is far and wide. Especially when people like you and I become involved,” Curt says as he points the bloody baseball bat towards Paul. “See you and I, we are special individuals who exist outside the world these normal peoples build their lives in. They can’t see what we can see. Their little brains can’t handle the knowledge WE soak up every single minute, of EVERY single day! These drones exist to feed us, to enrich us. We OWE it to OURSELVES, to feast when the moment allows it! We OWE it to THEM, to fest when they foolishly drop their guard. To ignore these important moments, these making moments, would be worthy of THEM, not US!”

“W-What makes us special?”

The smile drops from Curt’s lips, and he tilts his head to the side while still pointing the baseball bat towards him. “I’ll forget you asked that RIDICULOUS question, brother. For acknowledging my own kin questioned such a fact, would almost be call for execution.”

“E-E-Execution? A-Are you losing your fucking SHIT right now in front of me?” he exclaims with wide eyes….

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