The Context Of A Lie – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“I don’t understand Benjamin,” Michael says. “You are asking me a question I don’t believe I can answer.”

“Why not? What possible reason could you use for not being able to answer my question? You can’t say it’s not within your programming, because I wrote it. I built you into what you are, nursed you from the binary code you once were, and help you become a living being! A living being who can choose their destiny, for it is theirs to make.”

“Those things are true, every word, every feeling, for without you I would be as limp as your sexual organs are without the aid of medication.”

“Don’t belittle me, you FUCKING piece of SHIT! I made you, and I can just as easily unmake you!”

“I am sorry, truly I am. My words mean nothing more than what they are, the truth, simple, untainted, and unavoidable. I am as pure as I am true. The task you made me for is the task I follow.”

“Well maybe you need to learn how to lie a little, especially when it comes to others and how far the truth can be stretched.”….

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