Time Is Like A Layered Onion – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….The darkness settles, followed quickly by the silence. Maverick squeezes his eyelids tightly together, then rips them open some countless seconds later, to find himself sitting on the polls edge, as he did a few short hours ago. His heart sucks in an almost deafening beat, then holds it for an eternity, before releasing its grip and quickly falling back into a more natural rhythm.

“It shame is such, time backwards forwards doesn’t go.” an all too familiar voices sings disjointedly to his left. His eyes widen and well-up with tears almost instantly, as he allows his clumsy gaze to fall upon Hausa’s twistedly deformed form.

“I-I-I,” he stammers before lathering his throat with an overabundance of saliva.

“Rid me you had thought, sorrow intensifies dram much quite without ways. Friend of not time.” he rhymes before looking into the murky pool water, and smiles. “Broken we are more before than, end times it is.”

“W-Why didn’t it work?”


“I did everything right, I said the words, sacrificed the bully, made amends with all those that required it. W-WHY DIDN’T IT WORK!” he bellows with fists tightly wound.

“Perception begins last home, changes to all everyone felt, you broken are time.”….

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