Grander Than Your Mum – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“A significant deviation from what I had hoped would be without question, how am I expected to be that which was promised if I do not have that which is needed?” Mark seethes through tightly clenched teeth.

“Idealistic designs my child, but I’ve already given you life, should that not be enough? The building blocks of a grander tomorrow that is well within your grasp should be crafted by your hands, not mine.” she quips proudly back with a smile wrapped across her lips of gold.

“What you’ve given me is a couch without cushions, arms without legs. I am hamstrung and disadvantaged, cannot you see it is with interest resolved that you give me what I require, so it lessens you’re blow back!” he grunts with furrowed brow.

Her smile widens and wanders into a lively laugh as she clutches her stomach protectively. “You cast out words as if they were yours to surrender, yet you have no dominion over any of them. I have given you everything you have wanted since the day I birthed you onto the floor beneath me, and I no longer desire to be your wet nurse. SO GO! Go forth and grow yourself into something grander than I give you credit for being…..”

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