All Your Words – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“Debbie didn’t think it was what I needed either, she thought it was something else, something with a bit more substance to it than the ole irrational corporeal shite I’ve been screaming for since I was infected, and I don’t need to remind them of what happened to you, do I?” he says with a wicked grin across his face, as he holds Debbie’s up like a puppet, with his hand imbedded deep into the back of her head.

“What ever do you mean, what happened to me?” he says through the crack of his mouth like a ventriloquist, opening and closing her mouth with his hand as if she was his dummy.

“ENOUGH QUENTIN! YOUR POINT HAS BEEN MADE!” William bellows with hands clenched tightly into fists.

“Really?” he says with a confused expression on his face. “Are you sure I can’t go on just a little longer? I had this whole idea planned out in my head, it was gonna be a killer!”

“I SAID YOU’VE MADE YOUR FUCKING POINT!” William cries as he throws a wild left punch through the air, followed quickly by a right and another left, before catching the end of Quentin’s blade in his stomach while his wayward punches all missed their targets…..

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