Amanda Adam – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“I don’t think it’s that boring, really I don’t. It’s just,” he says as his eyes dart quickly down to the floor and he chews ruggedly on his bottom lip. “It’s just,” he grunts as he shrugs his shoulders and looks back up into her eyes as they silently follow him. “It’s just that when I’m inside her, when I’m no longer just me, I feel, I feel complete, like it was who I was always meant to be, and not this repulsive thing, with this,” he says as he looks down at his flaccid member as it hangs between his legs, before looking back up at him with tear welled eyes.

“Firstly,” he says as he points to his penis. “You’ve got a FUCKING big dick, and when I say big, I mean FUCKING BIG! Big enough that you could get it in your own mouth while it’s soft big, so can the theatrics and feel get about that before we start venturing off into other fields of purpose.” Thomas says as his brow rises and he smiles proudly. “Right, now that we’ve got that hot ticket out of the way, let’s talk about your Being a John Malkovich dilemma, and what I need to do to convince you, that chopping that off will not make you feel whole, it’ll do the opposite….”

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