A Tale Too Tall To Tell – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“I call you out as a LIAR! I call you out as a LIAR and a CHEAT!” Shaun spits as he launches himself to his feet and casts as finger towards Chavo, who smiles smugly back at him with a proud bravado.

“You can call me all you like my man, but the only way it’s gonna become fact is through proof, and I can boast confidently, that it ain’t gonna be a fact, because there ain’t no proof for something you’ve just gonna and made the FUCK up!” he retorts with minimal fuss.

All eyes fall back onto Shaun, who breaks out in a cold, nervous sweat.

“Y-Y-You know y-you are, s-so stop trying to shift the blame e-elsewhere, a-and own it y-y-you BASTARD!” he stammers through shaking lips.

“I am not shifting the blame anywhere, I’m simply asking a question that requires an answer. For you see, when you make these types of callous accusations known to everyone,” he says as he gestures towards the small crowd that surrounds them. “You should hold them up high, with proven facts to support your flippant words, for flippant words are all they are without them.”


“But am I the one you’re trying to convince, or is it them?”….

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