A Cunning Plan Unlike The Adder – Twisted Microfiction 2020TOO

….“The quotation was forward to you as a request, not a suggestion. You required work to be performed, and I require a costing more f said work. If we cannot meet at this halfway point as originally agreed, then I shall be forced to take my business elsewhere.” Savo grunts through a mouth tightly clenched.

“FUCK you and you’re BULLSHIT! You were given an adequate cost of the work you required me to perform, with plenty of fat built into the lighter areas of the proposal, which allowed you room to save if certain aspects were not required. This was given to you minutes into our first meeting, so don’t try to badger me into submission, not when you’re full of SHIT!”

“You are all alike, so confident, so professional, honour bond to a system that only works if both sides adhere to it. Simple, faded, and a failure. How easy it has been to take your network away from you, while removing then next after the last. How far will I go? How high will I soar?”

His eyes widen, and his lower lip trembles. “Y-You’re him, a-aren’t you?”


“Ubiytsa, the murderer of murderers!” he grunts through twisted lips.

“Guilty as charged,” he says as he curtsy before him in sarcastic fashion…

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