Change The Rivers Flow – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“The only thing those little shits will be useful for down the path, is to bring us undone. Killing them all NOW, removes any possibility of that threat, and it frees us up to move at our own pace, and not the struggling pace of their little FUCKING legs!”

A cascading sea of sweat pours down his brow. “How about one then, c-can I k-keep one?” he stammers nervously.

“They ain’t FUCKING pets Dan, why the hell do y…” he stumbles over his over words as a smile wriggles itself across his lips. “This is all about the pretty one, isn’t it? You’re sweet on them, aren’t you?”

“N-N-No, o-of course it’s not!” he stammers with rose red cheeks.

“BULLSHIT!” he says with pointed finger. “You’re FUCKING sweet on them, and you’re hoping if you save their life, they’ll reciprocate those feelings back!”

“Y-Y-You’re s-so wrong! S-S-SO WRONG!”

“Prove it THEN! Kill the pretty one, and you can have your pick of the rest, or don’t, and we kill them all.” he says with a decisive nod of his head and a playful wink.


“What, you suddenly don’t wa…” But before Larry can finish, Dan spins around and blows a hole in the girl’s head….

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