That Was Never The Intent – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“To be honest, if that’s what we’re doing right now, I’ve never really known what the right answer was, whenever I was asked. So, I’ve always told a lie. I guess at first, I told myself it was because the lie was easier to believe than the truth, but of course, the longer time passed, the more I came to understand that it wasn’t easier, it was just easy.” he says softly as he bows his head and stares into his blood drenched hands, then after several short breaths allows the pent up tears he has held back for many years to be finally released. “YOU BASTARDS! CAN’T YOU SEE ME STANDING HERE! ARE YOU AS FUCKING BLIND AS THE CUNTS YOU LEAD UPON THE PLATOONS OF HELL ITSELF!” He bellows with furious vigour, before his words become lost within the tears of his own madness as he begins to sob loudly, and uncontrolled. Then as he draws one last staggered breath into his desperate fire filled lungs, he starts swearing from his belly and cursing the demons that swim in the air around him, as he manically casts out all the pain that has made him who he is on this day, and thrusts it towards them, until finally falling to his knees and dropping to the dirt in a huddled heap.

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