Bestow The Doorway Open – A 5 Minute Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

“I’ve never saw a door open the way this one did today, but more to the point, I’ve never seen a door open where no door was before that door opened. This door, that door,” he says as he points to the door standing proudly half open before them. “That door appeared out of thin air and appears to be waiting for someone to go through it. I believe, I am that someone, because I was in the room when the door appeared.” he says as he trusts his index finger into the tables top with excited vigour.

The man looks down at a piece of torn paper that is clumsily attached to the clipboard he holds in his hand, and scribbles several almost unreadable words onto the paper before looking back up at Janet, as an almost flirtatious smile flickers across his purse lips. “What of the five other inmates who were in the room with you, why are more worth than them?”

Janet puffs up his chest and lets out a gust of air while slapping the desk with an open hand. “SHIT FOOL! Jinx and Seb were dead before that door had even finished materialising, Quinn is bleeding out in the infirmary right now, and High Tower ain’t much of a talker since Bedoz took out his tongue for being a snitch three weeks ago. So, you players have only got ME to choose from!” he says proudly, puckering up his lips and thrusting his hands into his pants.

“What about Peaches?”

“What about Peaches?” Janet asks back with a confused expression on his face.

“You don’t know about Peaches, do you?”

“I don’t know what about Peaches! Did that little shit say something SHE shouldn’t have?”

“No, not yet, but we’re hoping when he comes back out, he’ll tell us everything we want to know.”

“Come back out of where?” Janet asks with furrowed brow. “Don’t you stupid sons-of-bitches know how to speak English?”

“Get with the conversation JANET! Peaches went through the door, and he’s been gone almost as long as you’ve been sitting here telling us your BULLSHIT story about how you’re the man for the job! NOW, you’re either a whole lot smarter than I’m giving you credit for, or you’re a lot stupider than your profile tells me you are. I just need to know which one it’s going to be?”

“I-I, I don’t understand w-what you’re a-asking,” Janet stammers nervously.

The man sighs loudly and leans back in his seat, looking over to the doorway in the middle of the room. “Tell me what you think is on the other side of the door?”

“Freedom,” Janet says quickly.

“You don’t think it could be something worse than what you have here?”

“Nothing could be worse than this god forsaken place,” Janet spits.

The man gets to his feet and stretches up into the air, letting his bowls release a fistful of methane gas, chuckling loudly as he does.

“WHAT THE FUCK MAN! YOU’RE A FUCKING PIG MAN!” Janet gripes through clenched teeth.

“Oh calm the farm choir boy, it’s probably the best thing your nostrils have smelt in the last twelve years,” the man scoffs proudly, as he strides over to the doorway and pushes it open.

“W-Who the FUCK did you s-say your name was again?”

“I never said,” the man says with a smile as he steps through the open door. For several moments Janet sits there in stunned silence, before the man pops his head through the doorway. “Are you coming?”

“W-W-What’s on the other s-side?”

“There’s only one way to find out,” the man says as he disappears once again.

Several more moments pass before Janet thrusts himself to his feet and he kicks the floor with dissatisfied resolve. “SHIT!” he grunts as he runs over to the doorway and steps through.

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