Dying For Silence – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…Trevor takes his hand from her mouth and takes a staggering step back, as he stares in horror at her motionless form. He casts a fevered look over towards Nancy, who refuses to meet his gaze, and only stares at her sister’s lifeless form aghast.

“I-I-I, I never meant to,” he stammers before tears start freely running down his cheeks. “I-I-I, I just w-wanted h-her to b-be quiet. I-I-I, I just needed a-a, a moment o-of silence, s-so I could concentrate, I-I-I, s-swear,” he sobs as he turns back to Heather and drops to his knees, exhausted.

For several long silent moments he sits quietly sobbing to himself before a hand tightly grips him by the right shoulder and a pair of cold wet lips press up against his ear.

“Quiet enough for ya NOW Trev?” a raspy voice hisses. “Now the BITCH won’t be spoiling anyone else’s day with her cheerleader BULLSHIT! Now you can get some real work done!”

“I-I-I,” Trevor mumbles through trembling lips.

“You WHAT Trev? You can’t BELIEVE how peaceful it is without that BITCH running around, telling you what to do?” the voice purrs I’m his ear. “YOU can’t BELIEVE how quiet the world actually is, without someone constantly in your ear, harping on to you about anything and everything?”

“I-I-I, I never meant t-t-to kill h-her,” he stammers as he looks nervously over to his hideous reflection, who smiles back at him with a disjointed grin. “I-I-I, I swear I-I-I didn’t.”

“Sure Trev, I believe you!” he quips sarcastically with an even broader grin upon his lips

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