Can’t Hide In The Black – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…He breathes a haggard breath before letting his eyes fall upon her bare breast. He feels stirring from someplace deep within who he once thought he was and salivates at the thought of taking her nipple into his lusting mouth and sucking upon it like a child would it’s mothers. His nervous eyes wander upward and cat glance at first of the curving nature of her lips, as she smiles wryly at him.

“You like what you see? Does it excite you?” she purrs as he pulls his eyes away, and shuts his eyes closed with envious desperation. But the pitch black of his own emptiness is not enough, as a soft hand takes delicate grip of his ever-growing manhood and squeezes it tightly. He takes a staggered breath as the black that surrounds him is quickly invaded by the brightly lit glow of her red lips.

“Running into the emptiness like a fool is no way to escape me Sutcliffe, you of all the people in this God forsaken cesspool should know that,” she says broadening her already wide grin…

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