As I Fell Before The Winged Beast – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

….Cole nervously wipes the sweat from his forehead with a clumsy drag of his arm across his brow, before squinting through the glass scope once more.

“T-T-There’s still nothing there. A-A-Are you sure t-this is where y-y-you saw it?” he stammers.

“Would I lie to you about this lover boy?” Amber purrs into his ear. “You know what they say about virtues and patience.” she says as she wraps a hand around him and plunges it downwards, towards his crotch, grabbing a handful of his semi-hardening member.

He lets out a grunt and tightly closes his eyes as he bites down on his bottom lip. “I told you before WOMAN!” he spits as he pulls himself free of her grip. “Either I FUCK you, or I KILL this THING for you! NOT both, AND NOT TOGETHER!”

She giggles mockingly. “So MANLY! So FIRM! Are you sure I can’t entice you to do one, and then the other?” she purrs as her hands run over him, pulling and tearing at his clothing.

“FOR CRYING OUT LOUD WOMAN, QUIT IT!” he roars as he pushes her away and pulls his gaze from the rifles scope. “I CAN’T C-C-C-CONCE-E-E-ENTrate…” his words fumble in his mouth before dying away, while a fresh sea of sweat cascades down his brow as he stares towards the beast that stands before them….

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