See You There – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“I’m not the only one who thinks it that’s for sure! You’re a disease Rodger, a tarnished mark upon the good name your father sought to grow for your family. You SHOULD kill yourself, do the world and everybody else whose ever had the misfortune of meeting you a favour.”

“I-I-I,” Rodger stammers as he casts a glance at the blade that sits in his trembling hands, before looking back up into the mirror, at his own twisted face as it stares back at him.

“What are you, a coward? Are you going to go and have a cry? Dad was right about you, everyone was!” he spits at himself.

“I-I-I, I’ve tried t-t-t-to be good, I-I-I, I have,” he stammers, as he feverously meets Karl’s petrified stare thought the mirror. “I-I-I, I swear I have.”

“BULLSHIT! You’ve been a bad, bad boy Rodger. You’ve been lying down with these married men, fornicating in a bed built on lies and sin, and then, when all the sinning is done, you try to atone for it all by taking their lives and feeding their me……”

“I TRY! I TRY!” he screams at himself, as he punches the wall beside the mirror before turning to Karl, saliva dripping from his trembling lips. “S-S-Sorry lover, but i-i-it’s almost dinner time and my flock grow hungry!”…

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