Purity Is A Blessing – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…The tears cascade down his cheeks while he screws his face up in anger, tightly clenching his teeth together. “Purity is a blessing, not a curse! It rewards you, as you bless it. Nothing is for naught!” he spits.

“That doesn’t justify what you did to Susie and the others, they didn’t deserve that!”

“THE RELEASE I GAVE THEM WAS FAR LESS THAN WHAT THEY DESERVED, FOR I SHOWED THEM PITY! I GAVE THEM AN ESCAPE OTHERS WOULD NOT HAVE GIVEN THEM! I, I GAVE FOR THAT WAS WHAT WAS ASKED!” he bellows frantically as he thrusts himself up from the out of the shadows and circles William like a shark would its prey. “You, what care do I have for you, if you challenge me in the church of my lord! What makes you think I will not give you release, as I did the others.”

“Because we both know you can’t,” he says with a grimace painted across his face.

“Just because he’s told me I can’t, doesn’t mean that I WON’T!” he growls as he puffs his naked scarred chest out and shapes up to William. “Your father may hold the highest of roles within the church, but if powers higher than him tell me to send you on forward so they can judge you themselves, I will do that, and I will take pleasure in doing it.”…

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