What The Camera Never Saw – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“It is such a shame,” Louie sighs as he casts a wayward glance across the barren lands that lay beyond the citadel’s walls, before looking back down to Jacque. “I had hoped we could’ve ruled over these lands as one.”

“BULLSHIT!” he spits through broken bloody teeth. “There was only ever ONE WAY you wanted this to END, and it’s the ending you’ve GOTTEN!”

Louie smiles and throws his head back into the air while laughing loudly. “Bravo my love! Bravo!” he applauds with jovial excitement as he claps his hands together while he looks around the courtyard in a overdramatise fashion. “Where are they? Are they hidden in cow dung, or are they mounted on the backs of the flies that buzz around us?”

Jacques face screws up in confusion and a fresh sea of sweat begins to flow from his bruised and beaten brow. “W-W-What the F-F-FUCK are you t-talking about? What’s m-mounted the b-back of f-f-flies?”

The smile on Louise’s face broadens while his eyes sparkle in the fading light. “The cameras my dear boy! The cameras!”

“W-W-What c-cameras?”

“The ones recording your performance of course! For a performance as good as the one you are putting on would be wasted without a camera to capture it.”…

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