Tears From The Stares – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“Rose coloured glasses don’t always overlook the desperate and unforgivable, they just dress them up in bright coloured flares and some long hair,” Janice sings with a wry smile across her lips, as she dances whimsically around the vacant lot, weaving and dodging, until she finally comes to a stop in front of the kneeling Stuart.

“What say you knight of the light? Do you think the world is ready to see herself for what she truly is?” she purrs, as she caresses his cheek with her blood-soaked hand.

“She is not what you think she is. She is not broken like you.”

She laughs softly. “Like ME? Are you saying I am broken?” she says as she presses a hand against her chest and looks playfully shocked.

“Lady,” he snarls with twisted lips. “You are one FUCKED up piece of work that I can’t even start to put into a category.”

Her smile waivers, then broadens. “Well then my sweet little child, let me help you with that!” she says as she grips him by the side of the head, and tears one of his ears off….

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